Monday, January 12, 2009


so ths is my first blog....well let me tell you a little bit about me, my name is Alysha I live in Michigan in the middle of nowhere that has one gas station, a postoffice and a bar! i know right WOW!! but i wouldn't trade it for the world i live happily with my boyfriend Darren. We have three babbies. Bently, Darren's dog, Kiki my kitty cat and Dulce my bunny. haha you thought i ment kids, No Way i am only 20!! Darren and i have been together for going on 3 years in May. He is everything i could ever ask for and more. Yea we have our ups and downs but lets be real what relationship doesn't. It just wouldn't be healthy. So i'm new to this blog thing but i will have pics!
<3 Alysha


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