Monday, February 9, 2009

so darren and i met in a weird way. we come from two different worlds. he comes from mud trucks and bonfires i come from city life with something going on every minute of the day. I met darren at the career center when we were in 11th grade and to be honest he was NOT my type. but he was so sweet and in his own little way he was really cute. IDK something about him grew on me and now i am so crazy about him. I think what it was in the begining was the mustache but as soon as i got him to get rid of it, PERFECT!! he was then and still is the man of my dreams. yea we have our ups and really low downs but what realtionship would it be if we didn't have our ups and downs. now i live with him in the boonies and i wouldn't have it any other way!! 3 years later!!

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  1. That seems to be the way people see each other when they first meet, and then comes the falling in love part!! Sounds pretty much awesome!



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